HÁZ - homeless aid

Everyone should have a home but if they do not, they should at least have a place to sleep for the night. However, this is not the case and the support of the State and of others is not enough in many places.


 Budapest, the capital of Hungary, with nearly 1.9 million residents is full of history and is an increasingly popular tourist destination. The 5,000 to 10,000 homeless people are overlooked by travellers on  sightseeing tours. The homeless live their daily life in pedestrian tunnels, parks and other public places. They are usually very peaceful and non-threatening to locals and tourists.  They will find a warm shelter and food in limited social services. Nevertheless, they find it very difficult returning to a structured life when they are used to their daily routine. Often they lack the initiative or the courage to go to places of help and accept support. It often requires the willingness of workers to reach out to the needy and to secure their basic needs.


The project "Ház" (= house) was built during a semester abroad at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. The two students of Social and Communication Design Lina-Trixi Feller (UdK Berlin) and Miriam Schmalen (FH Aachen) have dealt with the concept and design of an auxiliary project for the homeless people of Budapest. On the basis of local and online searches and personal conversations they developed an extensive concept, which was embedded in a closed corporate identity. The students illustrated a low-budget information brochure with easy key information, facts and contacts to inform visitors of the city in particular and enable.A postcard series was also designed, offering tourists appealing motifs for their loved ones at home. The postcards are available at several cooperating distributions of the city (museums, designstores, cafés). The proceeds will be entirely reinvested in the postcard production, as well as in the homeless aid project. Furthermore, interested ones have the chance to get Haz-bags for the donation of clothing at the stores. They can be filled with private clothing or thermal blankets protecting the homeless from hypothermia, wet and windy conditions.


For the first time a homeless aid project that has used an elaborate design concept, was realised in Budapest to show the problem to tourists and to awaken their understanding. It breaks down barriers to promote sustainable action readiness. It also serves to create a reference to a social problem (in European Union) in Hungary, which country and state to move to more transparency and sustainable action. Ház cooperates with local social services and is focusing on their experiences.


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