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Experience a foreign culture - capturing the spirit of a metropolis.


A cooperation with my traveling partner and wonderful photographer Valeska Hoischen.

The project is continuously running on and there is a growing collection of pictures at least collected in a fine-art book 2015. The impressions are also given in different exhibition traveling trough Germany and Turkey and giving futher information and personal stories on our blog. 



Interview KWERFELDEIN Magazin


The melancholy of Istanbul is huzun, a Turkish word whose Arabicroot (it appears five times in the Koran) denotes a feeling of deep spiritual loss but also a hopeful way of looking at life, “a state of mind that is ultimately as life-affirming as it is negating.” For the Sufis, huzun is the spiritual anguish one feels at not being close enough to God; for Saint John of the Cross, this anguish causes the sufferer to plummet so far down that his soul will, as a result, soar to its divine desire. “It is the failure to experience huzun that leads him to feel it.” Huzun is not a singular preoccupation but a communal emotion, not the melancholy of an individual but the black mood shared by millions. (Orhan Pamuk)

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