A holistic concept for a social service.

Aging in a society like ours, in which we see more and more “gray” is marked by definite identity loss: “The old person is a burden”- a widely accepted attitude of the times of demographic change, which, however, is far from the truth. What is a society without “the old”. (1)


Loving caregivers, patient mentors, knowledgeable advisors, skillful tradesmen, the best cooks, and fascinating storytellers. Seniors are our heroes, treasure for everyone, personally and socially. A society with the elderly that is the goal IRIDIUM set; a network for appreciation. This social service turns the "deficit-model" set by an aging society around and raises gains, furthering skills, knowledge, and competences learned and perfected over years to profit the younger generations. IRIDIUM seeks to connect and further the dialogue between generations, creating together and learning from one another, Young from old, but also old from young. IRIDIUM motivates the individual and their proficiencies, rediscover oneself at an advanced age, and thus bringing those competences to a diversified society. Capacitating and supporting an aging populous is the main focus of this service, to actively reintegrate them back into society and in turn gain financial freedom. The spectrum of generations and the synergistic effect are catalysts for personal growth and raise quality of life for psychological, physiological, and economical processes of life.


Rita is 69 years old. She was an industrial seamstress- from apprenticeship until retirement- a lifelong commitment. However, she still, even though retired, applies her trade skills and creativity: Knitting, sewing, making lace, those are her passions. IRIDIUM connected her with the Hungarian fashion label “Kele clothing”. Now Rita supports and mentors young designers with her knowledge of her craft and her skill. Decades of perfecting her traditionally acquired skills and incorporating her own creativity she inspires the entrepreneurs to manufacture clothes with care, meticulous attention to detail and love.

Since Rita connected with this cooperation, she feels like a contributing and valued member of society again, she experiences appreciation and feels esteemed, and it definitely boosts what little pension she receives. IRIDIUM counsels and supports the fusion of this inter-generational team through helping set feasible working hours, fees, and sets obligatory compensations.




Miriam Schmalen sees herself taking the role of visual mediator when it comes to communication design, she also finds herself as the creator of interpersonal connections, processes and life defining situations. Her baccalaureate project IRIDIUM aims to orient itself towards social development through demographic change and its challenges in and of the future. Through interlinking thought processes taken form sociology, project management, user experience, team building, and economy, a holistic service concept developed. Developed by an interdisciplinary team of SmartcityLab, an incubator program from Designterminal Budapest, which distinguishes and advises innovations, “The Appreciation Network” emerged in the spring of 2015 (then still known under the Hungarian name of “nagyiapp”). In collaboration with the city of Budapest and local institutions the pilot project became a staple for joint exchange in the Hungarian capital.

The corporate design of the service aims to provide for a wide ranged target group and their needs. The identity is friendly, clear, and intelligent. 


Barrier free and user friendly, the homepage focuses on the essential and gently refocuses the users’ attention towards the core of the services. Elements, such as the icons, convey, next to their decorative brand persona, through color, style, and meaning. They lead, categorize and inspire- even in analog media. A poster campaign informs and inspires through purposeful messages. Constructive games, for example to strengthen team- and societal belonging, as well as invitations, cards, and goodies impart a friendly, trust inspiring visual language. The modular logo represents each member individually. Aspects, like knowledge & skill, needs & wants, interests & orientations, are deduced through a battery of questions when the user registers. Answers are evaluated and automatically visualized in the net diagram. Thus a personal logo is created, mirroring the uses individuality.


(1) Quelle: From a speech of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ursula Lehr